[post #015 – Interview with atmospheric black metal project GREAT COLD EMPTINESS

Voices from the underground

Interview with atmospheric black metal project

Great Cold Emptiness


It’s hard to don’t get impressed with Elksworth, the very young mind behind Great Cold Emptiness. I met him as just another fan of music, in FB, and then I was introduced to his ‘creative world’. To give you an idea, during our conversations he released his second book, release a new album of A Perfect Day, his post-rock/post-metal project, and pre-released a compilation and a brand new GCE album – now not alone, but with a band! So, take a time to seat around a campfire and hear some news about this great atmospheric black metal project: Great Cold Emptiness!


1494720 I strongly reccomend you to GCE page at Bandcamp  and listen to Violet mist & infrared stars before continue reading


GM: Fuck, I’m listening to Father Elk and it’so good!
Elksworth: Thanks dude!

GM: New release of GCE too… you’re a machine, man!
Elksworth: I am haha. Im 17 so i have lots of freetime.

GM: Free time is not the point, do you have a criative urge wich is admirable!
Elksworth: Thanks man  🙂
But I didn’t like the result of Father Elk.

GM: Really? Why?
Elksworth: idk really. it just wasn’t me. I much prefer what I’m doing now.

GM: You have seventeen but works a lot – released various music titles and are about to publish your second book. Thath is something very admirable – how it is possible????
Elksworth: Hahah, well I’ve been creating music since I was 12, and I have over the years evolved myself to new genres and styles, and completely immersed myself in the aesthetics of them. Writing and Music are the two most natural things to me, and thus, It is expressed with my creative outpost.

GM: Well, to the the past now: can you share with us your first musical memory?
Then, what was your age when you started to enjoy music in a conscient level – and, if possible, tell us what was the first record you bougth.
Elksworth: My first musical memory was when I was I started to really enjoy Progressive Rock and Electronic music. The first album I bought was Rush’s Test for Echo.

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[post #011 – Interview with DSBM + shoegazer project LACHRIMAE

I don’t remember exactly how I get to this project – but it makes my head since the first hearing, with a singular mix of DSBM with shoegazer. It was not only great – was prolific too: in his Bancamp page I found 4 titles, all released this year. To talk with Lamond, the young one man behind everything, was a very special experience – a truly gentlemen’s talk, as you’ll se in the next lines.


The Seven tears cover, in my musical gallery since the beggining

(you can download it by ‘name your price’ here)

GM: I’m a brazillian fan and I’m getting deep into your music.
Do do you live at Scotland, right?
L: Yes, I’m from Edinburgh, but I’m currently studying in Manchester, England.

GM: What’s your age?
L: I’m eighteen years old.

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[post 10] Voices from the underground – interview with atmospheric BM project ‘Talv’

I’ve met the project Talv wandering through YT and I do not think twice before buying a copy of his last album, Üksildus [post #005] – wich means ‘isolation’, in estonian language. And how I know that? Well, I took a great dose of courage and was very well received by Andrea Talv, the man behind the project, whose anonymity I was a lil afraid to disturb. He lives near Milano, at Italy, and we talk for many days, little by little, about his music. To this very special interview, he gently gifted us with some unpublished images!

(official picture from Bandcamp page)

GM: Well, let the show begin!
Before Talv there was Trees in The Fog. For how long? And why he gave way to the current project?


Talv: Yes, the project started as Trees in the Fog, there was also a logo and some songs ready for a demo, but before the publication, I decided to change the name with a more effective one. Talv means Winter in estonian language.
‘Trees in the Fog’ was from the end of 2011 to the end of 2012.

(unpublished logo of Trees in The Fog)


GM: And what about the meaning of the title of the first album, My soul is a velvet glove?

Talv: My Soul is a Velvet Glove is nothing more than a demo, and a really unpolished work, but at the same time very important for my evolution. About the meaning of the title: it comes to my mind really suddenly, without premeditation. I thought about the fact that Talv’s music is like a poetic thing trapped in a total sense of desolation.

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